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Fuel cell / Electrolyzer educational kit
Schematic of a Fuel cell/Electrolyser educational kit


  • 1 plastic electrolyser cell (25cm²) containing a 7-layer membrane electrode assembly. At the anode side of the electrolyser cell there is a water reservoir, the hydrogen gas produced comes out of the cell via one of the gas exits on the top and bottom side of the cell. A plastic screw is included for closing the unused gas exit.
  • 1 plastic air-breathing fuel cell (25cm²). The cell has one hydrogen gas input and one exit. A porous material is placed inside the kit for the homogeneous diffusion of hydrogen over the whole surface area of the membrane electrode assembly.
  • Fuel Cell Components
    • 3-layer MEAs (CCM)
    • Gas diffusion layer materials
    • Gasket materials
  • 1 dc power supply
  • 1 variable resistance

Fuel cell educational kit
Fuel cell/Electrolyser educational kit

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