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Fuel Cells

Single cell test fixtures


These single cells are composed of two (2) graphite plates in which gas channels have been machined in order to distribute the gas on the electrodes surface, two (2) current collectors which are located behind the graphite plates, two (2) insulator sheets preventing from electric short circuits in the cell, and two (2) end plates used to tighten the cell together.

Some 1mm, 2mm and 3.2 mm diameter holes have been drilled in the graphite plates for voltage and temperature probes. A 6.8mm diameter hole has been drilled in each end plate to receive a heating cartridge.

These test cells are all equipped with “swagelock” type fittings matching 6mm diameter gas pipes.


  • 5 cm² single cell test fixture
  • 16 cm² single cell test fixture
  • 25 cm² single cell test fixture
  • 50 cm² single cell test fixture

Membrane/Electrodes Assemblies (MEAs)

(©photo : D.Michon/Artechnique-CEA)


These MEAs are based on a 50 µm thick perfluoronated membrane, and a platinum loading of 0.5 mg/cm² (+/- 0.05), obtained with the standard catalyst concentration, 70% Pt/C.

  • 3 Layer MEA correspond to a catalyst covered membrane (CCM): the proton exchanged membrane is covered with an ink containing the catalyst on the electroactive area. Platinum and Platinum-Ruthenium alloy are available for hydrogen and reformate operations respectively.
  • 5 Layer MEA correspond to a CCM with gas diffusion layers (GDL) completing the electrodes on the electroactive area on both sides of the membrane
  • 7 Layer MEA correspond to a 5-Layer MEA with a flat gasket (fiberglass reinforced silicon) around both electrodes.
  • A subgasket, protecting the membrane and the edges of the active layer can be added to 5 and 7-layer MEAs.


These dimensions are given assuming the active area is centered in the total area

  • 5 cm² : Active area : 23x23 mm/Total area : 50x50mm
  • 16 cm² : Active area : 40x40 mm/Total area : 70x70mm
  • 25 cm² : Active area : 50x50 mm/Total area : 80x80mm
  • 50 cm² : Active area : 71x71 mm/Total area : 120x120mm
  • 100 cm² : Active area : 100x100 mm/Total area : 140x140mm
  • 225 cm² : Active area : 150x150 mm/Total area : 200x200mm
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