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FCT-50 and FCT-150
Fuel Cell Test Station for PEMFC
The FCT-50 and FCT-150 are complete stations for electrochemical testing of PEMFC. Imagined by users, they are the most flexible testers on the market built to be close to the user's requirements.

To conduct long-term experiments such as fuel cell ageing, Bio-logic SAS has developed automation of humidifier water filling and the condenser water purge. Three automation levels are proposed. Based on our standard FCT systems, a variety of options can be selected. A fully automatic option offers both humidifier filling and condenser purge. This option can be proposed with a new system but can also be adapted to existing units. This second option must be carried out at the factory. FC-lab® software manages automation. NEW !

General Specifications : 

  • Electronic Load : 250 W
  • Max current : 50A and 150A for the FCT-50 and FCT-150 respectively
  • 5 V Reference Voltage
  • Resolution : 76 µV
  • Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measurement (10 kHz to 10 µHz)
  • Automatic humidifier water filling and condensor purging option

Click here to download an FCT-50 & FCT-150 brochure (PDF)

Click here to download an FCT automatic humidifier water filling and condensor purging brochure (PDF)

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