sensorstat 150x150

The SensorSTAT is aimed at the important electrochemical sensor marketplace. It will be used at all stages of sensor development from the initial fundamental research through the pre-production investigations to the production stage where routine batch testing takes place.

The product is supported by a range of accessories aimed at the electrochemical sensor applications. It includes a multiplexing cable, dedicated cables and connectors for commonly available commercially produced sensors and a flow cell for rapid chemical analysis.

The SensorSTAT is supplied with the latest version of the UiEChem™ Research Electrochemistry software package. This versatile package has a comprehensive selection of electrochemical techniques coupled with an easy to use interface.

This version also features a Peak Analysis routine which is easy to use but utilises sophisticated routines and algorithms to provide a comprehensive data analysis package. The routines are accessible from the main software package and do not require the data to be exported. This latest version can treat data from single cycle, multi-cycle and multi-channel experiments.

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  • Configurable for 8 to 14 channels
  • Current ranging: 1 nA to 10 mA
  • Maximum current: ±20 mA
  • Current resolution: 61 fA
  • Control voltage: ±2 V or ±8 V in option
  • Compliance: ±8 V
  • Voltage resolution: 61 μV
  • Display: graphic LCD (160×100 pixels)
  • Floating: yes with isolation option
  • USB Connection
  • Control Software: UiEChem™ or UiECorr™.