mpg 205 150x150

The MPG-205 battery test station has 8 independent channels, offering 5 A each in a fixed configuration.

This system is controlled by EC-Lab software and can be provided with EIS capability of each channel as an option

The MPG-2xx series can be provided in a rack capable of supporting 5 units. Only one computer is necessary to control all the units thanks to the Ethernet connection. With this connection, the MPG-2xx units can be installed on a Local Area Network allowing multiple users to access the instruments and follow the battery cycling from anywhere. The MPG-2xx series offers a temperature measurement and three optional connection modes to the battery (battery holder, short or long cables). Each channel has two analog inputs and one analog output to allow interfacing with external instruments.

The MPG-2xx series is supplied with EC-Lab® software. In this software, techniques and analysis tools have been developed for battery testing.

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  • Compliance: -2; 9 V
  • Current ranging from 10 μA up to 5 A
  • Current resolution: 760 pA
  • Control voltage: -2; 9 V
  • Voltage resolution: 5 μV
  • Acquisition time: 200 μs
  • No limit in time and data recording
  • EIS measurement from 10 µHz to 20 kHz
  • Control software: EC-Lab®

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